How to Create an EVE Online Character

EVE online is a multiplayer online game that gives you the opportunity to interact with others and enjoy the unique concept of the game which has a plot of outer universe as its main theme. You can play with other players in a huge universe which is set in future. You can test the trial version of the game to see whether it interests you or not, and it definitely will. Many people are hooked to this game and why won’t they be? All it takes is the setting up of an EVE character account which will help you in the customization of your avatar in the game as well as the monthly payment procedure.

You can easily select and customize the Eve character that relates well with your personality. There are a lot of options to choose from whether it is the race and bloodline or the physical appearance from hair to skin tone. It will all be according to your personal choice and desire. In this way you can select and customize your Eve character and take the best advantage of your preferred style and strategy of game play.

By making an online account

By making an online account, you can have three choices of characters for your account. So be sure that one of them is just the best and suits you in every way so that you can pick that Eve character for your game. You can have the three characters of completely different style and traits and in this way you can experience the game in different ways and also know about new skills one by one through different Eve characters.

The most important thing while customization of your Eve character is the selection of race. It is very important that you select the right and most appropriate race แทงบอลออนไลน์ เว็บไหนดี according to your desire from the four races available. Each race has a different strong and weak point that you must know. At the start of the game, there are brief descriptions available for all the four races and you can carefully analyze and select the one that is best for your Eve character.

Choose the race based on the strategies

You must choose the race based on the strategies that you have planned for playing the Eve online game. Be sure of what you opt for because you might make the wrong choice and have major disadvantages in your future game play. You need to know about the entire race system before you go for any one of them. For instance, if your game strategy revolves around getting heavily into PVP combats, Minmatar should be the race of choice for you. Its attributes are majorly focused towards the speed and damage output. Also, projectile Turrets is the weapon of choice for this race.

The Gallente is more versatile race which is equally suited for PVP as well s PVE. PVE is much easier with this race and a drone is the primary choice for weapon. Each race also has different ships which boosts specific unique stats. Also, the bloodline and ancestries impart unique traits to your Eve character.