Brain Booster

Do you want a quick brain boost? And do you want a longer term brain boost? Probably both, and we now know a great deal about how to do both.

I have resorted to milk chocolate over the decades of my life to help my flagging attention in the afternoon, especially after those meat loaf and mashed potato lunches I used to have as a kid in grade school.

But what we really need is simply a change in attention or attentional style, and there are many ways to do that.

Daydreaming is a natural tool that we use to refresh our neurochemistry.

However that tool may not always get affirmed in the class room or the board room, but heart rate variability biofeedback,for example, or a quick brain boost using a computerized brain fitness program will fill the bill quite nicely, switching my attentional style and refreshing my neurons at the same time. A walk or a quick workout, even in my office, could accomplish the same thing. Your supervisor will not mind your having an exercise ball in the office if your productivity increases, right?

Nobody knew too long ago that we humans grew new buy over the counter adderall neurons every day if we took care of the pillars of brain fitness, and nobody knew how plastic the human brain was, which means how quickly and efficiently the brain creates new connections between neurons when something new is learned.

So the best way to boost your brain is to find ways to attend to the pillars of brain fitness while you are involved in your daily routine.

The pillars, and if you want an excellent resource to discover information about the pillars of brain fitness, then please read Brainfit for Life by Simon Evans, Ph.D. and Paul Burghardt, Ph.D.

The most important brain booster is exercise, and the good news is you do not need to join an expensive club or buy expensive outfits to provide your brain what it needs in this regard.

A wonderful model for exercise that you can do at home is the HIIT or high intensity interval training model.

Don’t let the acronym scare you. HIIT means that you do 30 second intervals of exercises you choose, like your grade school calisthenics for example, for 10 minutes. Or if you are walking around the block you speed it up so that you are breathing deeply enough to make talking and breathing difficult.